Practical Guide



The one of your dreams, deserves the ring of their dreams. Here’s how to nail the proposal...


When you’re choosing a ring for your beloved, what you’re really saying is: I know you. Each piece of jewellery tells a unique, personal story and when it comes to an engagement ring, it’s your love story.

Jewellers Workshop has been creating beautiful jewellery designed to last a lifetime. The team believe it’s an honour to be part of the union of love and to back this, every single piece made at Jewellers Workshop carries a lifetime warranty on craftsmanship.

To help love on its way, the designers from the High Street boutique have put together a helpful questionnaire so you can nail the engagement ring.



Ask yourself the following...


Does your partner like surprises?

Is your partner a traditionalist or a modernist?

Does your partner prefer platinum, yellow gold, or white gold?

When it comes to a diamond, is carat size or clarity more important, or does your partner prefer coloured stones?

What is your partner's ring size? A tip is to borrow or measure a ring when it's not being worn. Here's our Ring Sizing Guide.

Have you gone window shopping together to get ideas?

Have you discreetly asked your partner's friends and family what they like?

Have you ever asked your partner directly what they would like?

Have you considered involving your partner during the process?

Whatever it is you would like to achieve, we will guide you through the process of creating a unique, bespoke ring. 

We also offer a Jewellers Workshop Proposal Ring, which allows you to select a diamond or a coloured stone and set it into a sterling silver ring for the proposal, then you can come back and design the final piece together.

We look forward to hearing from you soon!