Social Responsibility



Jewellers Workshop is a family business specialising in bespoke jewellery. Precious metals can be repurposed when used in solid form, so we use, and alloy on site, precious and noble metals (primarily gold and platinum) that can be treasured, maintained, and passed down to future generations.


Around 80% of the gold Jewellers Workshop use is recycled, and any metal not alloyed in our workshop is sourced from locally owned New Zealand businesses. All Jewellers Workshop jewellery is made on site in our High Street workshop in Auckland, New Zealand.


There are few other industries that are so rigorously overseen as the diamond industry. Jewellers Workshop are Diamond Specialists with a priority and responsibility to ethically source diamonds. Measures such as the Kimberley Process in partnership with the United Nations ensure that diamonds are ethically sourced. The majority of our diamonds come from Australia, Botswana, Canada, and Namibia, where the industry represents a significant portion of the GDP, with preference to source from Botswana, Namibia and Canada, where money is reinvested back into grassroots in the community.




We only purchase diamonds through respected suppliers who adhere to, and enforce, the standards established by The Kimberley Process, a tireless endeavor to eliminate conflict diamonds from entering the market.


Ethical Production

ETHICAL – Ethically sourced, we work with companies that align with our values. We trace our production through each step of the supply chain, wherever possible, making sure our creations are made consciously from start to finish.


FAIR PAY – We want all involved in production to be paid a fair wage and receive benefits for their skills and services.


RECYCLE – We aim to produce sustainably by reducing wastage, and reusing/re-purposing wherever possible.


ECO FRIENDLY – We attempt to keep our carbon footprint as minimal as possible. We recycle all precious metal through a certified recycling process and lessen our carbon footprint by manufacturing our jewellery in our own workshop with the help of local means.



Jewellers Workshop are proud to have signed the The Rapaport Pledge for Ethical Jewelry; a global campaign to eliminate unethical activity and human rights violations in the trade supply chain.