REMIX | Five reasons you should custom design an engagement ring.

Here's five reasons you should custom design an engagement ring...

1. We are all unique...

Having a ring that is one of a kind appeals to our inner selves - we all love things with a personal touch. If you value individuality and quality, custom is the only way to go. It's not only about standing out from the crowd with something different; it's about weaving in any of your own preferences for shape, size, colour of stone, and personal touches you can bring to the design. Even a solitaire can be tailored with secret stones, messages and meaning. Jewellers Workshop specialise in bespoke rings with sentimental value.


2. It's going to be with you for life!

Every time you put your hands on the steering wheel, type an email, and hold a glass of champagne, you'll be looking at the ring everyday for the rest of your life. This is your opportunity to create the dream ring that you're happy to gaze at for the next 50 years. Not only that, but you can create a legacy piece for the next generation. Whether you reuse heritage stones passed down, or repurpose the gold from a passed loved one, there is a chance to expand the symbolism and sentiments of family and history into the piece. Giving heirlooms a new lease on life is also the most sustainable approach to jewellery.


3. It's made to your timeframe

Jewellers Workshop appreciate that good things take time, but they are also understanding of the need to work in with your grand master plan! These highly-regarded designers can work to your timeframe. Pop in to their High St boutique and discuss your requirements - they'll happily lead you through the process. 

4. It can be affordable

Often custom designed rings are synonymous with cost, but this isn't always the case! Bespoke design doesn’t need to be outrageously expensive. Jewellers Workshop work with your price range and parameters to achieve exactly what you want. It is possible to get the aesthetic you love at a price point that's equally desirable! It's all about understanding how you can tailor the design to get the effect you want - a skilled jewellery designer can help to lead you through this process.


5. It's more romantic

Correct me if I'm wrong, but we believe that every sane being wants thoughtfulness to be a part of their relationship, right? So why not kick start a successful marriage with the thoughtful gesture of a bespoke ring from Jewellers Workshop... It shows the level of romantic commitment and care to the relationship that your partner will cherish. It's a gesture that comes straight from the heart and also ensures better quality; because it's one individual working directly with another, custom design naturally has a higher level of care in its creation - this attention to detail results in better durability. 


Ready to take the plunge and design your own bespoke? Talk to the team at Jewellers Workshop today...


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